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Spring has Sprung, my friends!

And that means (hooray!) the time has come to freshen up, get a new perspective, clean up all the crap that has accumulated over the long winter months. Things like, um, I don’t know, the recession, the stock market, the job market, the prices at the super market, and other super depressing things that make our brains hurt when we focus on them too long.

Because yes. Things are somewhat bad all over… there’s a giant recession, one in ten of us is losing our jobs, and it is statistically impossible for a female to ever again win American Idol (think about it)… Yes. Things are bad. They are. But this Spring, we say, suck it up!

That’s right. Suck it up. Suck up all the bad stuff and spread out all the good. Because beauty still abounds. Goodness remains all around.

And we have decided to focus on the fantasticness we’re seeing everyday. Like the fact that millions across the world cast their vote for the Earth this week, also, you too can join the Shutter Sisters to vote for hope! (Vote. Pick hope. It’s awesome.) and, perhaps least importantly, Dora the Explorer is now NOT getting a trampy makeover.  See.  There’s still a lot of good to be thankful for. So let’s step into the clean fresh air that makes this time of year great.

And hey, if you do, you could win something too. Because that’s how we spring.

Just leave a comment here about some good news / good things going on despite the fact that things are tough all over. And you are registered to win something awesome.


Bissell is giving three (3) kirtsy users a Versus Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner. Worth $80 each. These awesome uprights clean up hard to clean up messes (think the economy). Plus they were voted as a winner of Good Housekeeping’s First Annual VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards. Nice. And now you can win one!

Just leave a good news comment and you’re good to go!

So suck it up. And spring into goodness, good news, and good tidings of great joy for the rest of 2009! We’ll be springing forward right there with you.


Are you feeling like a hipster techie jonesing for Tex-Mex food? Weird! So are we!

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to SouthBySouthwest Interactive in Austin this weekend. Oh yes we are.

So come on! Join us! At least join us in spirit! Because right here we’re going to give away some greatness. Something techie. Something Texan. And a whole lotta love by way of South By. Sound good? Good! Then let’s go!

Just leave a comment letting us know why you love technology, why you love Austin, why you love Texas, boots, bands, books, or barbecue, and/or all of the above. And  you’re entered to win all these fantastic things:


1.  The awesomest headphones. The Vibe II with Microphone is V-MODA’s newest dual-use headphone/headset that combines a unique aesthetic design, superior sound quality and a comfortable fit. So you can talk on the phone, listen to music, do your taxes and chew gum at the same time. What more could you need, really?


2.  A totally fab printer. The HP Photosmart C5500 is an all-in-one printer/scanner/copier. Suuhhweeet. It prints photos directly from cameras, phones or other Bluetooth®-enabled devices; it prints directly onto CDs/DVDs; it has multiple memory card slots and a 2.4-inch color display. It can probably chew your gum for you and do your taxes for you as well. At least. It’s that awesome.

3.  And $100 off excellent boots of your choice from Allens Boots! For real y’all! Allens Boots is THE place to go get your cowboy boots on.

And it’s also THE place to be this Sunday, March 15th from 5 pm-9 pm when kirtsy joins with our favorite Guy ( to host the first ever Girl/Guy party sponsored by kirtsy and Alltop. If you’re in the area, join us for boots, beer, books, bands and BBQ. Whaaaahoooo!  Want to get on the guest list? Email us asap (while there’s still room) at to reserve your hay bale!

So let’s party techie style y’all! And get wild about SXSW!

Kirtsy-Alltop Bandana

UPDATE! Hey y’all the RSVP list is closed. All spots accounted for. Yeeeehaaaw! Can’t wait to see ya there!

We have some winners to announce. Hooray!

1) Pink Ribbons Project:

Our lovely sponsor YouData is picking the winner and getting us the info asap. Please check back soon.

2) Blend of Love Giveaway:

celiajoy who said, I love having a day that is set aside for romantic silliness. Also candy hearts & chocolate. :)” You win the French Press from Crate & Barrel plus 3 bags of Choffy!

3) Let’s Gab About Grommets Contest:

Ann who said, “I’m crazy about the custom art and clothing at Rum Sum Sum (! Anne stitches together lettering to make custom art with a child’s name and other graphics, and the results are unique, playful, and colorful. Not only do I love the art she creates, but I’m so impressed that she started her own business while raising her children. She is an inspiration. Take a look!” Ann, you win a $50 Gift Certificate to Daily Grommet, an M&M Treasures Belt, a Morrocanoil Sampler and Glass Ponytail Holders from 9 Manning Square.

By the way, 3 people submitted (no wonder it’s so awesome). So, we did the randomizer thing to select ONE winner (from the three submitters) for the totally awesome prize package, and that lucky winner is Ann.

Be a party muse!

Attention people. People who like throw parties. People who inspire others to throw parties. People who need a party thrown for them right here, right now, if not sooner.

We want you!

More specifically, Minted wants to give 3 of you an invitation…or rather, 150 invitations… perfectly designed just for you and your party. Plus! $200 credit at Minted. Minted is already a go-to spot for gorgeous wedding invitations and baby announcements and now they’re ready to launch a line of invitations for all sorts of occasions. Graduations. 30th birthday parties. Anniversaries… But they need a muse. Inspiration for their new line. So they’re coming to you.


Sounds awesome right?! We think so too!

Want to win?! We do too! But we can’t. So we want 3 of you or someone you love to. Win. A party.

Just nominate someone (it can be yourself too) who loves to party, lives to party, needs to party to be the “inspiration” for 3 new party invitation designs. Can you imagine how cool an invitation you would inspire?!!! You’d be a party muse!

Here’s how you do it! To nominate, instead of leaving a comment, you should send an email to (nominating yourself or your favorite party girl) with the following information:
• First Name
• City and State where you/she lives
• Type of party to throw (i.e. birthday party, anniversary party, dinner party — not kids parties for this one)
• Month and year of party
• Location of party (type of venue)
• E-mail address where you can be reached
• A photo or family photo (for inspiration purposes for designers)
• Why you/she should be one of the 3 women chosen – be creative, anything goes!

Minted and kirtsy will get together to pick the 3 winners. Each winner will receive 150 cards of the design they inspired. Plus! $200 credit at Minted to spend on any stationery they’d like (everything is up for grabs except for wedding stuff). In addition, Minted is offering a discount to all kirtsy users… Just use the code “KIRTSY” to get 10% off everything except wedding invitations. Hm, awesome stuff to choose from there. Score! After all, we have some super parties going on around here this week and next.

For starters, our very own Gwen Bell is throwing a big ol’ party in Boulder this week. Since she’s getting married and all! Want to come?! Here’s your invitation to join us virtually.

And we’re gearing up for SXSW and our Girl/Guy party with Kirtsy & Alltop on March 15th in Austin at Allen’s Boots. Going to be at SXSW? Want to party with us? Come on! Email us at (party at kirtsy dot com) and we’ll give you the deets!  Hope to see you there!

In the meantime, nominate yourself and/or those you love to inspire the partying for all. And be your own party muse this week!

You may have noticed we’re ending February on a pink note. Because we always believe in people behaving pinkly, and because we’ve put up a new YouData “Pay Attention!” ad player…. This all means that this week, your attention can benefit a great cause: Pink Ribbons Project.


(Read more about Pink Ribbons here. It’s a smart organization to help breast cancer patients, started by two sisters and the NY arts community. Very cool!)

This new, giving-of-your-ad-proceeds, option just launched this week… and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Ask anyone who works for a non-profit, cause, church or school, it’s tough out there. And this is a great new way for non-profits and causes to stand up to the recession and raise a little extra awareness and change in the process.

Even if you only see a few ads and donate a few cents… every bit helps.

Plus this week, if you reach out to help those touched by cancer, you could win an iTouch! Oh yes you can!

Test out the new YouData ad player on kirtsy (Login. Or sign up. Simple.) And donate a few cents to Pink Ribbons Project. And then you’re entered to win a brand-new iPod Touch (aka iTouch — the funnest iPod ever).


iPod Touch!!


That’s right. Just play around on the “Pay Attention” ad solution, check out a few ads sometime before the end of February, and you can win. Maybe. Gah I hope you win. Because the iTouch is super cool. Plus you could totally help fund about 10 programs that help people with breast cancer. Awesome.


Want more info?

See a demo to get more deets on how to use the YouData PayAttention product, here.

Find out more about Pink Ribbons Project here.

Find out more about the lovely lovely iTouch here.


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