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Great news! You haven’t missed out. Yet. There are 8 more Hands On Small Business sessions — the final 8 of the program. Which means: this is your last chance to take advantage of these FREE classes. They are put on by Kirtsy and sponsored by Microsoft Office Live. And it would be a shame to miss out on the knowledge. And the fun. And the free-ness.

If you live in one of the following cities, sign up asap:

Boston on Dec. 1 (tonight!)
Portland on Dec. 1 (tonight!)
Oklahoma City on Dec. 3 Chicago on Dec. 4
Little Rock on Dec. 5
Houston on Dec. 9

The classes are taught by super awesome social media experts. You’ll learn about tools to organize your business, build a website, promote your company and communicate with your customers. Extra fun: There are two virtual sessions happening in January!

Everywhere on Jan. 8
Everywhere on Jan. 12

What does this mean? Well. Office Live and Kirtsy received a bunch of feedback that Hands On sessions in 20 cities wasn’t enough. That some people live far from those cities and couldn’t get to the sessions. So. Here’s the fix. Now there are two sessions happening online. If you have access to an internet connection (you totally do, because you’re reading this), then you can attend! No matter where you live. Save your spot now so you don’t forget about it through the holidays.

We hope to see you there!


The Kirtsy Chicks hit Chicago for BlogHer 09 last weekend. It was the biggest and best BlogHer yet. Period. Exclamation point. Panels were pondered. Parties were rocked. Kirtsy Editors were met. Chocolate was blissfully given and received. Please enjoy a few photos and notes.

Saturday we tweeted out a chocolately meetup in the lobby at noon. Hershey’s came prepared with 400 bars of Bliss. Hershey’s know how to make friends.


Throughout the weekend we received approximately one billion thank yous for putting together the Hershey’s Kirtsy Party Alertsy. It was so helpful having all the info in one place. We personally referred to it at least 2 dozen times.


Friday night we met Kirtsy Editor, Angela. She rocked it on the dance floor at the MamaPop Party. And ate Unicorn Cake. Saturday evening we join Amy Turn Sharp for the chance to meet our famed Kirtsy-Editor-Abroad, Karey M. Her ensemble was stunning. No surprise really. She’s always finding the coolest things and sharing them on Kirtsy.


On Friday, we celebrated Kirtsy Partner, Gwen Bell’s Birthday and walked around the pretty city with The Bloggess. There were paparazzi issues.


We started the day at the Microsoft Microspa. Here we are having what looks like a very important discussion.We’re like that. Partying once second, having deep discussions about Nordstorm next.


That night, we went to dinner and ate the gorgeous birthday cake Gwen had made herself. Photo by BabyJi.


We can’t wait till next year. New York. Twice as big. Bring it.

Find more photos at our flickr stream.


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