This Monday we were honored to participate in Social Fresh, the Social Media conference created and produced by the eternally busy Jason Keath (aka @jakrose) Not only was it the best designed conference we ever attended (just check out the citrusy goodness in that gorgeous logo — yum), but it was also one of the smoothest running we’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Jason assembled a cracker jack team of speakers and panelists, and the lovely Katey Dietz organized a capable and supportive group of green-shirted volunteers. Basically, it was a lovely day.

Kirtsy (specifically me, Laurie) participated in the “Building a Community” panel, along with super smart co-panelists Ryan Boyles from IBM, David Shauger from and Tessa Horehled from Drive a Faster Car, who moderated like a champ. We learned so much from them and are excited about taking some of their experience and applying it to our sweet community over here at Kirtsy. But more importantly, we were reminded that day of how grateful we are to all of you for teaching us so much about community that we could even be considered “experts” on the subject. Thanks to all we’ve learned from you, we were able to sound wise and experienced (!), and we got some nice feedback from the other attendees. So Thank You!!

We were thrilled to get to meet and talk to so many Social Media superstars there — too many to name without leaving someone out so we’ll just show you some great photos, all taken by the immeasurably talented and just so very cool Armando Bellmas:

Superstars of Social Fresh

We’re still digesting all that we learned, but you can be sure you’ll be reaping the benefits of all the Maddd Social Media Skillz we acquired that day. Stay tuned for some awesome announcements in the coming months. We have so much going on right now that we can’t wait to tell you about. It is truly awesome, in every sense of the word.


Last but definitely not least, a big thanks to the charming Brandon Uttley of Wray Ward for this interview where Laurie waxes philosophical about Kirtsy, friends and community. All in under 2 minutes.