Spring has Sprung, my friends!

And that means (hooray!) the time has come to freshen up, get a new perspective, clean up all the crap that has accumulated over the long winter months. Things like, um, I don’t know, the recession, the stock market, the job market, the prices at the super market, and other super depressing things that make our brains hurt when we focus on them too long.

Because yes. Things are somewhat bad all over… there’s a giant recession, one in ten of us is losing our jobs, and it is statistically impossible for a female to ever again win American Idol (think about it)… Yes. Things are bad. They are. But this Spring, we say, suck it up!

That’s right. Suck it up. Suck up all the bad stuff and spread out all the good. Because beauty still abounds. Goodness remains all around.

And we have decided to focus on the fantasticness we’re seeing everyday. Like the fact that millions across the world cast their vote for the Earth this week, also, you too can join the Shutter Sisters to vote for hope! (Vote. Pick hope. It’s awesome.) and, perhaps least importantly, Dora the Explorer is now NOT getting a trampy makeover.Β  See.Β  There’s still a lot of good to be thankful for. So let’s step into the clean fresh air that makes this time of year great.

And hey, if you do, you could win something too. Because that’s how we spring.

Just leave a comment here about some good news / good things going on despite the fact that things are tough all over. And you are registered to win something awesome.


Bissell is giving three (3) kirtsy users a Versus Bare Floor Vacuum Cleaner. Worth $80 each. These awesome uprights clean up hard to clean up messes (think the economy). Plus they were voted as a winner of Good Housekeeping’s First Annual VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards. Nice. And now you can win one!

Just leave a good news comment and you’re good to go!

So suck it up. And spring into goodness, good news, and good tidings of great joy for the rest of 2009! We’ll be springing forward right there with you.