SXSW rocked it. Our very own Laura Mayes spoke on a panel with Bryan Mason, Chris Sacca and Ryan Freitas. The panel was on quitting — when and if you should quit your job and get out there and doing your own thing. It was the best panel we attended. If only Bryan Mason could moderate every conversation we ever have. You can see some of what was said about the panel by checking out #quitter.

That was the serious part of our participation at SXSW. There was also the party part. Boots and Beer and Bandanas and Bands and Books. All found at the Kirtsy/Alltop Girl Guy Party. Lots of techy big wigs in attendance — Scobelizer, @zappos, Dooce, Guy Kawasaki — basically the superstars of the whole conference.


Ziv Gillat was there with his camera, automatically uploading tons of photos to flickr with his magical Eye-Fi card. YouData served up loads of food from their authentic chuckwagon. Shiner kept the beer coming. A kick-ass DJ rocked it between the kick-ass bands. And we all bought boots from Allens.


What more can we say except: Can’t wait till next year!

You can find more of photos from the event here and here and here.