You may have noticed we’re ending February on a pink note. Because we always believe in people behaving pinkly, and because we’ve put up a new YouData “Pay Attention!” ad player…. This all means that this week, your attention can benefit a great cause: Pink Ribbons Project.


(Read more about Pink Ribbons here. It’s a smart organization to help breast cancer patients, started by two sisters and the NY arts community. Very cool!)

This new, giving-of-your-ad-proceeds, option just launched this week… and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Ask anyone who works for a non-profit, cause, church or school, it’s tough out there. And this is a great new way for non-profits and causes to stand up to the recession and raise a little extra awareness and change in the process.

Even if you only see a few ads and donate a few cents… every bit helps.

Plus this week, if you reach out to help those touched by cancer, you could win an iTouch! Oh yes you can!

Test out the new YouData ad player on kirtsy (Login. Or sign up. Simple.) And donate a few cents to Pink Ribbons Project. And then you’re entered to win a brand-new iPod Touch (aka iTouch — the funnest iPod ever).


iPod Touch!!


That’s right. Just play around on the “Pay Attention” ad solution, check out a few ads sometime before the end of February, and you can win. Maybe. Gah I hope you win. Because the iTouch is super cool. Plus you could totally help fund about 10 programs that help people with breast cancer. Awesome.


Want more info?

See a demo to get more deets on how to use the YouData PayAttention product, here.

Find out more about Pink Ribbons Project here.

Find out more about the lovely lovely iTouch here.